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8 Content Marketing Strategies you can’t ignore.

Content Marketing is constantly changing and is often difficult to keep up with. The good news is that with a little work & research into your audience you can find out what works for your business, and create content that attracts more traffic, builds relationships and converts browsers into loyal customers.

1. Voice Search

“Alexa – what time is the next train to London?”
“Ok Google, Next track.”
“Siri, Please call Mum”

Voice search is everywhere and should not be ignored. It is not just for quick prompts – it is useful when you are needing information fast, without having to stop and search. You no longer have a choice. You need to start optimising your content for voice search and ensure that your content has all the important snippets showing up in the search results.
Optimise your content based on how you think your customer would be asking about your brand. How would you ask about your brand?

content marketing blog showing voice search

2. Relevance & Originality is still key.

If you missed our previous blog on the E-A-T update and the importance of relevant content, click HERE. We cover what this update was, and how Google is now looking at how important content is on your website in answering customer queries!

78% of consumers claim relevant content increases interests and purchase intent. So think about what you would want to read when you land on your page and create engaging and thought-led content.

3. Length matters

Depending on your business and your subject matter, experts will tell you that long form content is the best and it will increase your organic traffic and increase your credibility. Yes, these ‘experts’ may be right but it does not always work for all businesses.

The cookie cutter approach to content marketing does not work. Trial & error. Test long form articles, short updates, videos, audio etc and see what works with your audience.
Experts say that 55% of visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on a website before moving onto the next – so go into your Google Analytics and see what works.

Content Marketing is important with the length of your blog

4. Engagements are Crucial

Likes and comments used to be considered ‘vanity metrics’ when it came to Social Media reporting, but in 2019 it is all about creating that community not just a list of fans that you can advertise to.

Back in 2016, Reach and Engagement were on par for metrics to follow. In 2018, reach dropped down to 12% and Engagement remained at 30%. In 2019, looking at your engagement of likes, comments, and shares is an important and crucial metric that should not be overlooked in your reports.

5. Embrace your Social Stories

Stories are not just for boomeranging or having cute dog ears, it is a key part for a brand to show a behind-the-scene look at your business. Allowing your customers to be a part of the show.
Showing these videos, adds another layer to your content and your brand image. It lets customers see the true brand and allows them to trust you more – your brand is not a collection of robots!

6. To Influence or not to Influence

Influencers are everywhere. Social posts that have #ad #sponsored on them are dime a dozen, but customers are wising up and are choosing to turn off. When it comes to influencers, customers don’t want them to be forcing them to buy a product, they are wanting them to advise on a product, offer advice and tell them the benefits – not just say go buy it.

When it comes to selecting an influencer, you will want someone to be a brand advocate for your company who sings your praises. You don’t want someone who has nothing to do with the industry and had no idea what your product actually does. So choose someone who has some pull within the industry to be a thought leader, to talk with confidence about your brand or service.

Coffee and podcasts - content marketing

7. Blogs are great, but there is more in Content Marketing

Audio & video are slowly creeping into the content marketing sphere. ‘Content Creators’ are everywhere and audio and video needs to become part of your digital media strategy. Users are looking for content that they can digest on the go. They often don’t have time to sit and read blogs and would much rather listen to a podcast whilst going on walk / commuting.

Think about repurposing your content into short videos or infographics or even a simple podcast, there is no point in creating new content for each. When thinking about content marketing – think evergreen content.

8. AI & Chatbots

The Robot Overlord is slowly taking over. Not really but more and more brands are embracing chatbots as a customer service tool as users can sometimes get the relevant information and the brand can capture information quicker and more effectively than a contact form.

The above list is by no means extensive but they do outline those trends that will help your business with longevity and show that you are relevant.

If you are still not sure how these are used in a strategy or how they can benefit your business – get in touch with our team or click here and download our free resources on SEO, Social Media and more!

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