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8 Fail-Safe Digital Marketing Strategies

Need more engagement? More sales? Whatever your goals, a good strategy can help boost your online presence and in turn grow your leads and conversions.
As a small business, digital marketing can be a tough one to try and master – especially if you are trying to everyone by yourself and if you don’t stay on top of the market  – you can start to drown. So that is why we often get asked – how do we stay on top of all the digital marketing changes?
Without further ado, we have decided to share our…

8 super Digital Marketing strategies that can help keep you on top in 2019

1. Video

Video ads are slowly becoming the norm with the number of YouTube users recently surpassing 1.3 billion with 5 billion videos being watch every single day and the short and fun Instagram videos that we keep rewatching – video is not going anywhere.
Video is also great all-purpose content – it can be translated into infographics, blog posts, podcasts, social posts and MORE!  With dwindling attention spans, video is great for keeping people more engaged and it can be helpful when you need leads.

2. To Influence or not to Influence

When people think of ‘Influencer marketing’ they often go straight to some celebrity endorsement and think, that is way out of my budget. However, if you aim for the not so popular influencers, ones that have less than 1 million followers. Once you identify influencers, get engaged with their content, add value to them & then you can build a relationship & have them do it as a favour.

3. Facebook & Instagram ads

These platforms are often grossly overlooked. There are around 2 million people on FB and Instagram. The amount of data that goes in and out is what you need to target the right audience and without breaking the bank.

4. Original Digital Marketing Ideas

No one likes stale ideas that are being repeated left, right and centre and with the internet oversaturated with content, that means if you are not creating original content or rehashing, your content will be lost in the ether that is the internet. You need to be unique – why should people come to you and not your competitor? How are you standing out from the crowd?

5. Digital Marketing Results

Facts. Results. Stories. Testimonials. These are the things that your customers will relate to, these are the things that will show potential clients that you mean business! Did a client’s social media platforms grow and convert into customers? Yes? Shout about it! No point in keeping your hard work and successes hidden from the world! If you are trying to get more clients but no one knows what you do, how you work and what your results are – how can you expect to get new clients?

6. Build a Brand not a Product

Brands last forever, products do not. That is what you need to remember. Brands are everlasting, people buy into the brand experience not into the products. Products come and go but a brand stays there. 

7. Always Innovate

The riskiest thing you can do is refuse to innovate. To survive in this era you need to be constantly innovating, cutting edge and beating the odds. That means your SEO need to change with the algorithms, your landing pages need to relevant and fresh, your emails are eye catching and concise, and your content needs to be original and valuable. You need to be always changing in a changeable market.

8. Deliver Real Value

What can you offer your customers what will add value to their lives? How can you get customers to buy into your brand and feel part of a community? Creating content that you are proud to share, and also proud of your customers to share. Once you are able to nail this you will get tons of return buyers, good referrals & most importantly, testimonials!

If you do at least half of these strategies you will be on a path to remaining relevant and in front of your customers at the right time and place.

Struggling for inspiration or need help implementing these? Get in touch and we can work with your business to create a truly tailored plan around your needs.

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