People may be sheltering at home, but they still need to eat. Did you know that UK delivery orders skyrocketed by almost 400% in the last few months of 2020? (In case you were wondering, that extra zero is not a typo!)

If you own a restaurant, coffee shop or takeaway and you aren’t taking orders online, now is the time to remedy that. The good news is, there’s a simple solution – one that will allow you to keep your kitchen open, your customers safe and satisfied, and your business going. We’re talking about a custom online food ordering app, freshly made just for you.

The best thing about having your own online ordering app? You don’t have to rely on third-party delivery partners, who can charge as much as 30% commission on your sales. A custom app, on the other hand, is quick to build, easy to manage and it allows you to keep your profits for your business.

Here are 5 excellent reasons to get your own food service app:

  1. Be at your customers’ fingertips

The fact that we’re all glued to our phone screens these days isn’t exactly news. It’s where we get our entertainment, stay connected to friends and, most importantly, it’s where we shop – including for food. According to news website Business of Apps, food delivery revenue in the UK rose from around £3.4 billion in 2019 to £4.2 billion in 2020. You can also get a slice of that big money by investing in a custom app that works on any device.  

  1. Save on third-party fees

Have you ever tried one of the third-party food delivery apps, only to find out that you didn’t actually make as much as you thought you would? That’s because third parties tend to charge a substantial commission on any meal or drink ordered through their platform. As we mentioned, this can range up to 30% of your revenue. During a time when profit margins are already thin, you don’t need another company eating into them!

  1. Take your brand into your own hands

If something goes wrong with an order on a third-party delivery app, a customer is 35% more likely to blame the restaurant than the delivery partner.

Running your own ordering and delivery platform allows you to take greater control of the experience. You can make sure that the food arrives hot and is delivered with a smile.

Adding a unique element to the process – say, putting your delivery drivers in shirts and bowties – will also stick in your customers’ minds and hopefully make them keep on ordering.

  1. Your app works your way

If your business can’t bear the cost of setting up its own delivery service, an online ordering app can still be a valuable asset. You can always customise the app to your restaurant’s capabilities.

You could, for example, opt for click and collect services. These appeal to a wide range of customers such as those who are on the move, short on time, or just don’t want to be put under the pressure of making a food selection and getting in their order face-to-face.

You can also build a function into your app that enables table service ordering in your pub or restaurant. This reduces your reliance on printed menus, streamlines customer service, and helps you keep customers happy even when you’re short-staffed.

  1. Keep people safe

One of the greatest advantages of online ordering is that you can minimise person-to-person contact to keep your customers and staff safe.

Plus, since customers will be enjoying your food at home, you also save time and money by not having to serve them. There’s also a lot less washing up to be done!

Get your custom online ordering app now

So, are you tired of having to pay eye-watering fees for third-party delivery services? Are you ready to start delivering your customers a more delicious online ordering experience?

Webtex can help you with that! We will work with you to create a custom app just for your restaurant, coffee shop or takeaway so that you can start capitalising on online ordering while there’s huge demand for it.  

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