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BrightonSEO Roundup

If you are in the world of SEO/Search/Content marketing then you will know all about BrightonSEO. This past Friday, 28th September, saw the search world descend on the small seaside town of Brighton for a day of fantastic talks, networking, great people and the highlight of the King of SEO, Rand Fishkin headlining (and of course Kelvin Newman’s t-shirt cannon)

Top trends that appeared in the talks we attended:

  1. E-A-T is a KEY factor that every website should be looking at (especially after recent Google Algorithm updates)
  2. Visual search is gaining momentum
  3. Link Building is still relevant
  4. SEO is not dead

Wait. What is E-A-T and why should we be looking at it?

Most of the talks we attended repeatedly brought up E-A-T (Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness). This is a crucial element when thinking of optimisation on your website as it affects your ranking factors.

Internet users are tired of ‘fake news’ and bogus articles and websites that just promote themselves. Everyone is tired of ‘Buy, buy, buy’ sites and are looking for websites that are experts in their field, have an authority and most of all Trustworthy.

How do we optimise for E-A-T?

  1. Expertise: is the person creating the content an expert in their field? Do they have the qualifications to be making this content? Yes? Well make sure that there is a biography/author page on your page to ensure users can get more information on this creator.
  2. Authority: Is this person / website well known in circles? Are other websites linking to or from this site? No? You can still link to reputable websites to ensure that your website starts getting recognition
  3. Trustworthiness: Is your website professional, not sales-y or spammy? Is the creator of the content trustworthy? Will users be able to trust this information?

If you can answer all the questions above, you can start your journey to a high quality page. Just making sure that you page is not spamming users with pop-ups, broken pages, and most importantly not producing ‘fake articles’.

Always ensure if you are taking information from another source, credit them, link to them etc. (think of it like your college essay and your references!)

For other tips on the Google Rater guidelines – have a read here

BrightonSEO and Webtex Limited

Visual Search

Search is beginning to look a lot like (no not Christmas) but Social Media. Users are wanting visual content to be more useful and not just ‘pretty pictures’.

That’s all well and good, but how do you optimise for visual search?

We need to start by mapping out our visuals (especially if you have a website that has lots of visuals, like ecommerce stores), and we need to upload these, similarly to how we upload and submit a sitemap.

A simple Excel spreadsheet is beneficial in completing this.

We need to think past the Alt Tags of normal optimisation, we need to provide the intent, reasoning for your image to appear in an image search.

Following the 20th anniversary of Google (happy birthday), they discussed three key shifts in search and visual was a large part of this shift. The “format allows you to easily tap to the articles for more information and provides a new way to discover content from the web.”

Therefore visual search, especially if you are a visually led website / ecommerce is crucial for your website to be relevant and stay above the saturated digital market.

Link Building is here to stay

Databases, customer data, web data are all hot topics in the digital world especially after GDPR. Therefore most thought that link building was going to become irrelevant and start dying off.


Link building is here to stay and it is stronger than ever. There were several fascinating discussions about creative ways to Link build. Laura Hogan from Ricemedia gave a great talk on using your competitors to get FREE links. One thing that really resonated with me in this talk was the simplicity of it. We always complicate things when it comes to link building and trying to get the best links and work for hours on end, when in fact it is simpler than you think.

Using a simple Google search, Facebook search, or even hashtag / keyword research and you can see where your competitors are linking and get in on the action.

Top Tip (if you have not done this already): Set up Google /News alerts for your competitors so you can see where they are mentioned.

If you like having everything in front of you without having all the tabs open, a quick search using SEO SpyGlass from SEO PowerSuite gives a great overview of who your competitors are linked to and potential links that you could get too. They have a free download that has the full capabilities (you just can’t save projects / export your findings).

Remember SEO is not dead!

With all the talk of AI and robots taking over simple marketing functions, you will be happy to know that SEO is not dead or being taken over by the robot overlord. In fact, we can work alongside said overlord and use their data to make more informed and data driven decisions.

Data is a key driver that all SEOs can utilise and expand on. Finding trends and gaps and seeing how each brand can squeeze and make the most of that gap.

If we bridge the gap between ranking factors and a strong SEO strategy, we will see the benefits of more high quality websites being ranked.

If anything just remember E-A-T.

A huge thanks to Kelvin Newman (and the t-shirt cannon) for organising an amazing event! Until next time BrightonSEO, see you in April!

P.S The Delorean was AMAZING!

Webtex Limited BrightonSEO roundup

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