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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Did you know that digital marketers throw away nearly 20% of their budget on big projects that have no ROI and other common mistakes?

So what are the Top 6 most common digital marketing mistakes killing your return?

#1: Pushing Sales more than thinking of your audience

Good marketing is not about continually punting your business and pushing your products. Audiences, your customers, are always looking for something that will add value to their lives. Why should they choose your business and product over someone else’s? These days, outbound marketing is slowly becoming null-and-void when anyone in the 21st Century with an internet connection can research and find your business. So how can we change our mindsets and start pulling customers in rather than shoving product updates their way? Start by embracing inbound content marketing and offer as much value and insight as possible. 93% of those using inbound marketing increase lead generation. Simon Sinek has said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

#2: Basing your buyer persona on your own aspirations

Do you know who you are talking to? How well do you know – or are these personas based on you and what you want? Your audience is real – it is not just a look in the mirror. So how do you change this and figure out who you really talking to? Start by looking at your existing customers – who are they – what do they do and how do they interact with your website? Don’t have existing customers? Look at competitors and ask potential new customers what they want – a simple survey will suffice. Creating personas allow you to talk directly to the right person, rather than sending a very generic message out to the world.

#3: Not spending enough time on personalisation

The average person spends around 1 minute on an email – IF they open it. With every company sending out 1000s of emails to their database – how can you ensure your email is being seen. Without personalisation, you might as well be just another salesman hiding behind a keyboard and corporate mask. Make your emails stand out – especially in the wake of GDPR, people are more likely to unsubscribe or block emails from coming into their inbox. Most email platforms come with quick and easy personalisation tools, such as adding name into the subject line or even greeting them in the salutation (provided your database is up to date – you don’t want to be sending Hi [Firstname]) If you really care about your customer – you can even go beyond and send handwritten thank you cards or compliment slips. Make sure you just spend some time on making it personal!

#4: Writing content that does not convert

Lead conversion is the soul of marketing – if your content does not inspire a reader to click on the CTA or progress further – what is the point? Your content needs to serve a purpose. If content isn’t converting – have a read through it again – is it focusing on product features – not benefits, are you rushing and pushing a sell or are you even linking to a relevant offer? Your buyer personas will come in here when creating content, because your content needs to be consumer-centric. Why should someone read your article instead of someone else. How are you providing value and insight to their lives. These are all questions on how you can lift your content from the depths of despair

#5. Failing to track marketing ROI.

You are working hard, day in and day out, creating great content (you think) and sending out personal emails etc, but how do you know what is working and what isn’t if you are not tracking mROI. Wasting time and energy is what you are doing. To see what works and what doesn’t work – every little thing needs to be tracked, from the social post you send out to the blog post you put on your website, even tracking email send and opens. Every bit of branding / advertising you put out in the world needs to be tracked to ensure you are doing the right thing for your customers. Simple tools like Hubspot / Google Analytics offer great tracking tools that can garner you an insight into your collateral – ensuring you are not wasting valuable effort.

#6. Forgetting to promote content

You have this great blog post, eBook, podcast etc but nothing happens and no one is interacting with it. How can people interact with it if you have not promoted it or made a big song and dance about how great it is. Social media provides a platform to elevate your content and more – reach wider audiences and ensure you are being seen. Adhoc social media is a no-go – ensure planning and strategy goes in and you are posting about the most up to date news relating to your industry and more. If you are falling into one of these little digital marketing traps, or you are stuck in one, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction and get you back on track!
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