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How to Avoid Getting Slapped by Google’s E-A-T Update

Has your organic traffic taken a nosedive lately – or if not a nosedive, at least a significant dip?

There’s a reason for that. Google tweaks its search algorithm all the time. Some updates are small and make only a small difference in search rankings. Others are major. And, that’s the case with the E-A-T update, which caused some previously top-ranked sites to lose more than 50% of their organic traffic overnight.

If you’re familiar with Google’s methods, then you know that they hardly ever comment on updates or share relevant information about them. That means that marketers and SEOs have to guess what’s going on.
That can be tricky, but it turns out that this latest update can be summed up with three letters: EAT. Let’s talk about what they mean.

Webtex Limited's Guide to the Google E-A-T Guidelines

What does the E-A-T update stand for?

Google’s E.A.T. update has been given that name because of the three key things it prioritises. They are:

  1. Expertise. How knowledgeable are you (or any contributing writers to your site) about the subject matter related to your business?
  2. Authoritativeness. How credible is your business in your industry or niche?
  3. Trustworthiness. Can readers trust the content you publish and trust you with their business?
    Those three factors – expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness – are things that loom large for consumers. Since Google prioritizes sites that are useful to searchers, it’s really not a surprise that they would find a way to reward sites that demonstrate them.
    The trick, of course, is knowing what things Google’s looking at and what you can do to improve your results. Chasing organic traffic was already difficult. In fact, only about 9% of content gets any organic traffic from Google.

How to demonstrate your expertise?

The best way to demonstrate your expertise is to update and optimise your author biography and About Us pages. These pages give you the opportunity to let readers (and Google) know who you are and why you’re an expert. You should have a biography page for every contributor to your blog. Their byline should link to their bio. Their bio should include:

  • Education and degrees
  • Work Experience
  • Professional certification & accomplishments

In addition to formal awards and things of that nature, it’s also a good idea to share information about your social following if applicable. Anything that demonstrates that people turn to your authors for advice & information will help you with Google.

The same thing goes for your About Us page. On the page, you can still explain the usual things like how and why you started your business. In addition, make sure to mention:

  • The experts you’ve hired to be part of your team
  • Any industry awards or recognition your company has received
  • Anything that sets your business apart from your competitors

Using important keywords and linking to authoritative sources will help you highlight your expertise.

How to Demonstrate Your Authoritativeness

The next element of the E-A-T update is authority. Here are the most important things you can do to signal your authoritativeness to Google.

  • Build backlinks to your site. Every SEO knows that backlinks are essential. When authority sites link back to your site, it tells Google that your site is an authority source of information in your industry or niche.
  • Offer your services as an authority and do what you can to increase your visibility online. If you write a guest blog or speak at a conference, those things can add to your authority.
  • Be a thought leader. Authority doesn’t come from following what others do. If you want to be seen as an authority, you must offer opinions and analysis without worrying about what other people are doing.

Establishing yourself as an authority figure will help to earn a high place on Google’s SERP.

How to demonstrate your Trustworthiness

It’s a common saying that trust needs to be earned. That applies to marketing as much as it does to anything else. In other words, trust isn’t something you can wish into being. You must give people reasons to trust you.
Reputation management plays a big role in trust. When people review your company on sites like Yelp or Google My Business, what do they say about you? How do you handle negative reviews? Do you have quality testimonials on your site? Each of these things plays a role in establishing your reputation online.
The same is true of social mentions. It’s essential to keep track of when and how your business is mentioned on social media.
Finally, you can build trust by having proper security on your site. That means installing a security certificate and using encryption to protect your most important data.

Other Quick Fixes for the E-A-T update

In addition to the things we have mentioned above, there are some other important steps you can take to make the most of Google’s latest update.

  • Evaluate your traffic & delete or redirect pages with low E-A-T ratings
  • Moderate user-generated content and be careful to label it accordingly, so it’s not mistaken as being representative of you or your company
  • Make sure to present a consistent brand across all platforms. That may mean updating your social media profiles, re-writing content on your website and re-doing printed marketing collateral.
  • Create E-A-T friendly images, such as infographics and chats to support the information on your website.

As you are re-working or adding content, keep in mind that Google still prioritises content that is written for people, not machines. This isn’t about gaming the system or trying to fool Google (it does not work). Rather, you should be honouring the things that have been identified as important while providing your readers with useful, valuable & actionable content.

Remember: You are what you E-A-T

It is natural to be nervous about a major update like the E-A-T update, but we, at Webtex Limited, believe that this is a massive opportunity for local businesses to build their brands and provide their customers with the best possible content whilst also building trust & authority.
This update will help you attract new customers & make your existing customers appreciate you in a whole new way.

Survive the EAT Google update with Webtex Limited

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