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The Importance of Audience Marketing

Since the dawn of time, marketers have been looking at demographics for ad campaigns – the age, gender and geography of a subset of so-called targeted groups. However, this has led to users and consumers who do not fit into theses prescribed segments being left out.

This method of audience targeting can miss out on potential leads, customers and awareness of advertising campaigns – therefore called ‘Valuable Wastage!’

This is where Audience Marketing steps in and it takes a different approach to targeting. It considers the behaviours, perceptions and mindsets of people throughout all demographic cohorts and targets them according to those characteristics.

51% of consumers believe brands send too much irrelevant content.

Marketo Engagement Gap Report

Three Important Characteristics for Audience Marketing:

  1. BEHAVIOURS (or showing INTENT): the audience has shown interest in your product or service through certain actions (sharing articles, or searching for specific retailers) this could mean they are close to buy or have recently bought something in your relevant category
  2. PERCEPTIONS (or sentiments): the audience shows their views about topics relating to your campaign (be it positive or negative) and they may be emotional about a certain topic by posting about it multiple times.
  3. MOMENTS: the audience shows their emotions or strong opinions about certain moments in time – from commuting to enjoying a cup of coffee & audiences may share their annoyance or joy about these different scenarios.

These characteristics can be combined to identify your audience by splitting them into sub-categories that are much narrower than what traditional demographic targeting would allow.

The Power of Social Data

Social Data helps identify these audiences and discover their interests and mindsets through the public conversations that they are having. This, therefore, provides insight into discovery, campaign strategt and content creation.

Audience marketing techniques also allow for bolder creative direction and messaging that is tailored much more sharply to the audiences interests and affinities.

Audience marketing allows strategy to be based on true insights from social data, the largest always-on data set on consumer behaviours and attitudes. It also provides opportunities for saving money by avoiding expensive un-engaging campaigns and products.

Social data can also identify emerging audiences that show signs of moving into their focus and engage them relevant content and tone in order to fuel additional growth.

The Changing Face of Marketing

Marketing campaigns are evolving and are moving away from demographic targeting and focusing more on specific audiences and their needs. There is a wealth of public data avaliable from social media, news, forums, blogs and more, planners are able to identify their audiences for their campaigns and tailore ads and content to maximise engagement.

As we gain more data, we must keep in mind that finding out details about your audience is only the start, the key to successful campaigns will continue to rely on great insights and imaginative creative that engages your audience at multiple levels.

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