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Landing Pages vs a Website

You have a brand new website. It answers all your customer queries. It has all the information of your business and your services. It is everything a ‘shop window’ should be and more. But you are running some paid social campaigns and you are noticing that it is not offering the best traction even though you are aiming them at relevant pages.

You have tried different ad copy, different URLs, different images but still the same lack-lustre results.

Have you thought about whether the page you are sending traffic to might not be entirely relevant? Have you thought about creating ad specific landing pages?

What is the difference between a Landing Page & your Website?

Your Website does the following:

  • occupies the root domain (your web address)
  • provides a comprehensive overview of your business
  • provides links to important permanent pages – your services, about the company, contact information and more
  • tells customers how to get in touch with you – social channels, contact information, addresses.

The purpose of a Landing Page is:

  • designed to receive traffic from one or several sources, like from an ad or an email campaign
  • prompts visitors to take specific action
  • focused on one topic or special offer
  • omits or downplays the navigation options – visitors don’t click off to another page
  • not intended to be a permanent part of your site

How you know which one is relevant for your business needs?

Like our last blog post, there are serious questions you need to ask before your go and leap into creating hundreds of landing pages.

What are your objectives? If you are not sure what they are, our experts will gladly assist in a FREE 30 minute consultation. Book your slot here

Here are some scenarios that could help your business

a. Getting your Business Online for the First Time
What to use: A Website…………..maybe

Okay, maybe not a clear cut answer for this scenario as there are two avenues you could take when it comes to launching your business online!
A website is the natural starting point but not every business is the same and for smaller businesses it might make more sense to create a ‘mini-site’. This is a simple landing page that provides all the relevant information for your business that is starting out.
Here you can direct customers to a page that overviews your services, your contact information and any testimonials that you might already have.

b. Listing Basic Business Information
What to use: A Website

Here is where you can direct customers to your full website where they can find out more about you and also have the opportunity to get in touch for more information on your services.

c. Running Social adverts or any other paid campaigns
What to use: A Landing Page

When forming the basis of your ad campaign it is always a good idea to formulate how you want your pages to look and what you want your customers to do once they land on your page. Are you giving away a freebie? Are you promoting a specific service?
These questions will allow you to create an answer to your customers needs and how to create an effective paid campaign.
With landing pages you can also track, how effective your campaigns as you are directing traffic to a specific page instead of trying to filter it out of your main web traffic.

If you are not sure where to start with Paid advertising on online – click here and find out more

d. Launching something new
What to use: Landing Page

Whether you are launching a new product, hosting an event or a webinar, a landing page offers a dedicated resource and requires a specific action from your customer – sign up form, registration, purchase and more.

Like with paid advertisement, you will be able to track how the page performs and be able to capture customers as landing pages are able to link to your CRM systems easily.

So before you start thinking of sending customers to your website, think about why you are sending them there, what are you wanting them to achieve? Will your website provide the answers or is a landing page more effective?

If you are looking for more information on the difference between these two, our experts are here to help

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