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Local SEO for Beginners in 2019

We all know that the Search Engine Giants, like to make SEO changes on a near-constant basis, but how do small business owners not get lost & left behind without the use of a SEO Consultant or agency?

We outline the 3 quick-wins in SEO that can help your business not get lost in the digital ether. These quick-wins are also not technically challenging (like other areas of SEO).

1. On-Page Local SEO

On-page SEO, is the easiest way to boost your rankings. In a nutshell you are making life easier for search engine robots (or crawlers). There are two elements that you can edit to help boost rankings.

  1. Title Tag: When used correctly, the Title Tag is incredibly effective, but note – there is a very fine line between under optimised and over optimised! A good Title Tag has a relevant & useful keyword and is within the 70 character limit. Always think like your user and how they would search for that page!
  2. Meta Descriptions: This is not really a ranking factor but it should include the keyword(s) that you are targeting, as this is a sign of trust & helps with conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Again the text should be relevant & useful and not be over optimised with ‘spammy’ keywords. Also try keep the descriptions between 130 and 155 characters to avoid your description being cut off in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
Plumber example on Meta Description & Title Tags
Title Tag and Meta Description within character limit & includes relevant keywords

2. Local Citations and Publications

Online directories on local papers have been around for years and still carry plenty of weight when it comes to Local SEO but something else is gaining momentum and that is Local Publications.

Google (and other Search Engine Giants) know that every business can log onto a local directory, create an account, input their information and a backlink is added to the site. There are, however, a limit to how many backlinks can be added to a site for it to be effective.

That is why reaching out to a local publication & asking about sponsored content or guest posts can help build trust with a local audience and also provides a more contextual link – rather than a myriad of directories pointing to your site.

3. Local Landing Pages

These are becoming an effective way to target your services at certain areas of business (including those where you have never worked before!)

For these landing pages to be effective – it needs to be written with the searcher in mind. How does that local audience search – what are they looking for.

Using tools such as Google Trends you can effectively research, how many searchers are done in each sub region and which cities have the highest number searches to help narrow your local landing page efforts & make them more effective

Google Trends Search for Plumbers
Google Trends search for ‘Plumbers’ over 90 days and filtered to show by city.

When creating these landing pages be sure to include:

  • up to 500 words of unique copy (do not copy & paste from other pages – Search Engines will flag this as duplicate content)
  • Images that are geo-tagged & have a relevant alt text
  • URL with location & keyword:
  • Appropriate Page Headings and title tags with keywords
  • Embedded Google Map listing of your business

Still wondering where to start? Have a look at your competitors – what are they doing? How can you improve on what they are doing? What are they missing based on the above information?

If you are still in the dark about Local SEO – click here & download our FREE magazine on Local SEO Optimisation & more!

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