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Questions to ask Before you get a Website

Questions to ask Before you get a Website

Websites can go one of two ways.

1. Best website that empowers your customers to interact with you OR
2. Customers leave faster than how they landed on your page.

Websites are not like most things in your business – the most misrepresented version is that it is your business card but better. That thought can often get customers into a heap of trouble as they don’t know what they want before they start.

So what makes a successful website?

1. They understand the reasons WHY they want and need a website.
2. They know what their target customers are wanting to achieve on the website
3. They are clear what impact they want the website to have.

So how does one attempt to have a successful website? We go through the questions your business should ask before even getting a new site.

Question 1: Do you really need it?

Can your business move onto the next step without a website? Think about your customers, prospects, members etc – will a website impact them or your business? Will their experience in engaging with you improve or be enhanced?

If you answered no or any of those questions, then a website will be a wonderful accessory but it will not enhance or change the way your business is run.

If you answered yes, then by all means read on!

Question 2: What do you want your website to achieve?

When it comes to choosing to have a website or not – you need to think of it as an extension of your brand and team. Think of it as a new potential hire!
What are you wanting this new member to achieve or do? What is their purpose in your business?

Whilst a site won’t solve all this problems for your business, it will possibly make your life easier.

Sit down and have a think about what your business pain points or challenges are – write a list. Once you have your list – remove any emotional or physical tasks – websites are great but they can’t make the tea or sort out a team dispute!

A website can help you manage client expectations, especially if there are plenty of useful pages that keep your clients interested.

Question 3: What impact do you want your website to have?

Not just to be the world’s best website – how are you going to measure success?

Is your website going to become your sales team? Are you going to point users towards a conversion on your site? There is no point in creating the world’s best site if you don’t know what you will be measuring.

Key Takeaways:

If your business is looking to take the step into the online world, but not sure how or what to do – ask yourself these 3 questions, make a list of the challenges your business is having and how you want to make life easier for your customers.

If you can’t fully answer the questions or you are struggling to – maybe rethink the need for a website. If you are confused and need more assistance, get in touch with our web development team and we will gladly help you answer them and come up with a solution that works best for you!

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