Reputation Management

Companies face the risk of being associated with negative online press every day. Today, all it takes is a couple of misleading reviews or results on search engines, and false allegations and rumours are quickly spread across social media platforms. This affects the way your potential customers view your brand and overall it can impact the success of your business.

Reputation management is the practice of shaping the public perception of a business by managing online content and information. Often known as the digital version of public relations (PR), it increases the visibility of positive reviews of your business while pushing down negative feedback and associated content. The two strategies work together to help you maintain a healthy image in the virtual landscape.

The Role of Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

With reputation management, you can gain back public trust. We utilise the power of the search engines to get you back on track.

We begin by monitoring your social media accounts and all relevant search queries. From here, we can analyse the data we have and deliver a snapshot of the existing public opinion of your business. Our team then creates a reputation management campaign that addresses any issues revealed in the report.

Online Reputation Management services not only help businesses keep an eye on all their channels but also help restore a negative image, should this issue arise.

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