Web Design

Think of your website as a painting. Web design is comprised of the individual and visible elements of your artwork that make it whole, from the brush strokes to the colours and depth of the image. Without web design, there simply wouldn’t be a finished product.

In the world of online, web design refers to the process of tweaking the appearance, layout and content of a website. Web design used to be about creating websites for desktop browsers. Today, mobile optimisation is more important than ever. It is a must that your website works well, whether your potential customer is using a desktop or browsing on the go.

The 5-Second Rule

Many web designers follow the 5-second rule when it comes to creating successful websites. In 5 seconds or less, four things should be absolutely clear about your website: the ‘who, what, where and why’ of your company. These four things, as well as a clean, clear web design, boost your potential to sustain the visitor’s interest for more than 5 seconds.

The Need for Web Design

Your website communicates your company’s brand position and promise. It often acts as a bridge between you and your customers, helping convert leads into sales. When a website is designed and managed properly, it’s your most effective and most accessible revenue-generating tool.

  • Benefits of good web design include:
  • lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates
  • ensures smooth navigation
  • easier analytics reporting
  • faster mobile development at lower costs

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